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Quick Dam Sandless Sand Bags 6 Pack

**Special Offer**

£48.95 Each
(£58.74 inc VAT)
Was £51.54

Delivery: 1-3 days

Pronto Code: 0008121

Quick Dams, also known as sandless sand bags, create an effective, easy to use flood control barrier. As water comes into contact with the specially formulated inner powder, it turns into a gel causing the bag to swell. Quick Dam Flood Sand Bags can be stacked and staggered to build a retaining wall to protect your property and valuables. . Contain a super absorbent that swells and gels with water . Safe, non-hazardous and non-toxic . Environmentally friendly and will naturally decompose over time. . Build a retainer wall in just 15 minutes . Compact, light weight and ready to use. . Transport large quantities easily . 600mm sandbags in packs of 6 . 3000mm flood barriers individually packaged (also available)

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