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Hedgehog Gutter Brush Black - Pack of 4

**Special Offer**

£46.25 Each
(£55.50 inc VAT)
Was £67.96

Delivery: 1-3 days

Pronto Code: 0008086

The Hedgehog Gutter Brush: # solves blocked gutter and drain problems immediately # is fitted in minutes and lasts for years # easy to fit and does not require special installation expertise # fits most types of gutters # no more overflowing gutters and drains # avoids ladder climbing for maintenance # also fits traditional iron and asbestos gutters # adapts automatically to the shape of any gutter # avoids the need to call in costly professionals to unblock gutters and drains # fits around corners and over down pipe outlets # does the job it was designed to do perfectly! This pack covers 16m of guttering. Also available in packs of 6, 8 & 10 at a discounted price.

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