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Eaves Protectors

£1.95 Each
(£2.34 inc VAT)

Delivery: 1-3 days

Pronto Code: 0002787
Manufacturer Code: G1281BL

Manthorpe Felt Support Trays are designed to bridge the rafters and provide support for the roofing felt. It eliminates the problem of rotting felt caused by the sagging and retaining of water by the felt at low-level eaves. The Refurbishment Felt Support Tray is designed predominately for replacement of old perished felt at eaves level caused by the sagging and subsequent ‘ponding’ of water. Alternatively it can be used in new build situations and suits all rafter centres. Use the felt support tray in conjunction with other products from the Manthorpe range to provide a complete roof ventilation system. Length: 1.5m - but need to fitted so they overlap 500mm.